Phuong 250


Phuong Nguyen


With over 12 years in commercial and residential real estate investments and consulting, Phuong has brought grit, knowledge and an unmatched passion for real estate to our experienced team here at Auben. As a real estate investor himself, since 2009, Phuong believes in developing a positive growing community through real estate. With multiple degrees in Commercial Real Estate Analysis and Investment from the School of Architecture & Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Management Information Systems from the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, Phuong has a skillset that helps keep him on the cusp of the newest innovations in real estate.

We find it wildly appropriate that Phuong’s favorite color is orange and not just because it’s the color of Auben. He said he loves orange because “You see this color during the golden hour and reminds me of my favorite season (fall).”

Phuong believes in working hard, holding himself and others to the highest ethical standards and his work ethic has already earned him accolades and in his own words: “Since I’ve joined the team I’ve done more than $3 million in transactions in just 3 months time and some are (directly) thanks to Auben!”

In the next 10 years Phuong says he could see himself developing sustainable communities and educate others on the importance of real estate investing.

Looking for a real estate agent, realtor or broker who knows the ins and out of build to rent properties? For this and all your investment real estate needs, contact Phuong today!