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Investment Management Strategies

(For example: You have handled the maintenance or renovations/turns but not rent collections & evictions.)
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Investment Operational Specifics

(Are you setting aside $$ for maintenance and renovations in the future? Are you allocating and reserving funds for this?)
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Investment Objectives / Goals

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At Auben we truly believe that the Investor Account Manager (IAM)/investor relationship is “rocket fuel for growth.” In addition to fueling growth, we also believe that this relationship is the blueprint to operational success. It becomes the basis for our ability to be proactive in your property and project management endeavors.


Growing a productive relationship that embraces

a proactive approach is why we created the POD system.


In this workbook we seek to ask, and come to understand, the objectives of our owners and their investments from the onset of our relationship.


Gathering this information first, eliminates the following common pitfalls of the industry at large:

  • Lacking understanding of an owner’s objectives leads to failing to know if the owner/manager are a mutually good fit, which leaves the property manager ill-prepared to determine if they have the tools and resources needed to assist in accomplishing an owner’s objectives.
  • Additionally missing communication inside the management team leads to lack of understanding of the investor’s goals throughout the organization. This creates intense pressure and stress (for both owners and managers) with every interaction and transaction.


These common failures lead to a poor working relationship in which many property managers position themselves not as strategic partners working towards a common goal, but as adversaries whose objectives of profitability are misaligned. Most often this stress and strain manifest in project management and maintenance. At Auben, we seek to avoid these pitfalls from day one.