Project Management

Project Management

Our Mission

The Mission of the Project Management Team is to support our investors in “Turning” or “Renovating” your assets into income producing rental properties.

Standard Renovation

Properties that fit our Scope of services are as follows: Total “Renovation” or “Turn“ not to exceed 3 months with an approximate max cost of $50,000 or less.

what to expect

Time expectation

Contact (email) within 72 hours of closing of a new purchase or keys received from a current resident after move-out. We will provide a detailed “Scope of Work” to review with you and determine next steps.

Communication from a Project Manager within 48 hours of receipt of Scope to evaluate agreed upon (work to be completed) to calculate a Bid Estimate.

Bid Estimate to be sent to owner within 48 hours.

Once Bid Estimate is agreed upon between Project Management and Owner/Investor, the renovation will begin within 2 weeks.

Cost expectation

Cost plus 10% Projects < $5,000 require 100% payment of the funds before beginning the project. Projects > $5,001 require at least 50% payment of the funds before beginning and the second 50% of the funds when greater than halfway through the project.

Standard Renovation Activities

  • Roof: Light rafter work
  • HVAC: Full system replacement, duct work replacement or modifications, servicing units
  • Windows: Full replacement, maintenance on existing, partial replacement as needed
  • Flooring: Subfloor, floor joists, LVP, tile, carpet, carpet cleaning
  • Resurfacing: Counter tops, tubs, shower walls, bathroom tile walls, counter tops
  • Painting: Interior/exterior, drywall
  • Landscaping: Tree removal, mowing
  • Pest Control
  • Minor Plumbing: P-traps, supply lines, shut off valves, water heater, sink/faucet/toilet installation
  • Major Plumbing: Main sewer lines, main water lines
  • Major Electrical: New service panels, electrical panels, breaker change outs, house rewire
what does NOT fit our model
  • Projects over $50,000
  • Full Permitting
  • Work to be completed by a licensed contractor
  • Tearing off sections of the house
  • Changing property footprint
  • Adding additional bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Change of floor plans
  • Tearing out load bearing walls with structural changes to footprint
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