Lunch and Learn with Auben

Lunch and Learn with Auben

Free Auben Realty Lunch and Learn Investment Realtors

How can I win more deals and make more commission?

What do rising interest rates and decreased affordability mean for me and my buyers?

As Bob Dylan Once Said, The Times they are a changin’!

Come to Auben Realty’s FREE Lunch and Learn  at HiFi Clyde’s in Chattanooga, TN on April 13th or 27th and find out how you can take advantage of the changing real estate landscape. Enjoy a complimentary lunch and hear from national experts who will discuss trends that are impacting your market and your buyers and sellers.

Several members from Auben Realty, the Southeast’s only fully-integrated (sales, project management and property management) investment brokerage, will be on hand to discuss single-family, multi-family and commercial transactions and the proprietary structure and support team we have assembled to ensure our agents only focus on closing deals.

ALL ARE WELCOME as we believe a knowledgeable agent community can lead to more responsible investing in Chattanooga.

*At the beginning of May, we are hosting an event with over 40 qualified out-of-town investors who are looking for additional inventory. With an industry-leading team, Auben Realty based out of Augusta, Georgia is significantly increasing our presence in Chattanooga. At the agent lunch and learn, our team will discuss what the national shift to renting means for Chattanooga and how you can still stay relevant.*