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Something new on the horizon

You may have wondered why there wasn’t a newsletter sent out earlier this week. 

We took a break from our regularly scheduled programming because we have been diligently working on an exciting announcement for next week, which is 2 years in the making. 

With inflation, high interest rates, and a slowing economy, the world is changing very rapidly. And at Auben we feel we are not only ready for the change, but that we can also help bring greater stability in our communities with more options for responsible investing. Over the past couple of months, our leadership team has had a lot of conversations around Auben’s unique proposition of being able to answer the current million dollar question of every property owner:

Buy, Rent or Sell?

If you would like guidance in answering this question for yourself, please visit us here.

We believe Auben can answer the question above because of the unique model we have which includes deep local sales, renovation, and rental leasing knowledge. See how we are different here.

As we consistently seek to answer the question above daily for our clients, we are aware that many members of society are asking the same question from a different perspective. This was pointed out in a recent New York Times podcastAs the episode concludes, the answer many people in society are reaching is: Rent now; buy later. This shift, and its impact in our communities, will be a driving force in Auben’s model and our ability to run really fast while others are frozen in 2024.

I look forward to discussing this with many other SFR/BFR industry leaders next week at the annual IMN conference in Arizona. I will be on the panel, “When to Hold vs. Sell & Disposition Strategies for Scattered Site & BFR Communities,” on December 5th, 2023 from 11:35am – 12:20pm. Click here to see the other topics that will be discussed and the industry leaders that will be discussing them.

And please be on the lookout on Tuesday for my year-end investment recap, some exciting news on the Auben ecosystem, and an amazing new investment offering/opportunity!