Investor Interview with Juan Carlos Casas


Meet Juan Carlos Casas, a former engineer, soccer enthusiast, carpenter, and real estate investor.

Investing is for all types of people, from many backgrounds and schools of thought. You may find similarities among other investors, or learn something new!

Herewith are a few tips and insights from Juan Carlos Casas. 

Q: Who was your first business mentor? 

My first business mentors were two real estate investors — Don Morant and Justin Anderson. They influenced my perspective on real estate greatly. I am also influenced by Take the Stairs, written by Rory Vaden and the podcast Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Q: What is the best lesson you have learned in real estate? 

The More I Prepare the Luckier I Get. 

The greatest successes in real estate occur through careful preparation, due diligence, and thoughtful decision-making. A significant component of being prepared is to be a constant learner. I am a believer in the sage advice to stay grounded no matter how successful you become. You have to keep the same level of enthusiasm you had when you first started. If you are not growing, you are dying.

Q: Why do you Invest?

I invest in real estate to secure a future for my family.

Q: Is there a place for you where time slows down? 

Yes, on my ranch in Mexico. I enjoy swinging in my hammock with tequila in one hand and a good book in the other. 

Q: If you were to start over_______.

I would not be so afraid. I know the way to where I want to go.