Investor Interview with Jaime Guerry

Jaime Guerry Investor Interview

Investing is for all types of people, from many backgrounds and schools of thought. You may find similarities among other investors, or learn something new!

Herewith tips and insight, is Jaime Guerry, Realtor & Investor

Q: Who was your first business mentor?

A: My dad

Q: Who was your first mentor in real estate?

A: Tyson, the owner of Auben Realty

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki

Q: What is the best lesson you have learned in real estate?

A: Don’t make big decisions while in an emotional state. Also, every problem is solvable, so there is no use stressing about it.

Q: How many properties do you own?

A: Six. One is a duplex, so seven units total.

Q: When did you start investing?

A: I bought my first foreclosure at age 22, and flipped it with my husband.

Q: Why do you Invest?

A: To make money and gain financial freedom. I would like to be self-employed sooner rather than later.

Q: What is the best advice you have received?

A: Anyone can invest in real estate, but most people won’t. The best advice I got was to just take action by buying my first home.

Q: Do you have a favorite podcast?

A: Crime Documentaries: Dirty John and Serial

Q: Any hobbies?

A: Investing in real estate is my hobby (unfortunately!)

Q: What is the best advice you could give someone else?

A: Stop waiting around and looking for the perfect home to invest in.There is no perfect property. I have had a lot of people ask for real estate advice, but most never end up investing because it “isn’t a good time” or “they can’t find the right investment.”

Q: Is there a place for you where time slows down?


Q: If you were a member of a music group, it would be _________?

A: with Beyonce.

Q: If you weren’t investing in real estate you would be_______.

A: homeless on the streets somewhere. This hobby keeps me grounded!

Q: If you were to start over_______.

A: I would buy more properties in low income areas. Trump’s opportunity zones have driven up the prices like crazy.