We are going off script for this week’s Real Estate News and Market Moves column. 

Auben will be closing all of our offices on April 19th, and I want to explain why. 

April (for me) has mostly been the definition of hope springing eternal. It’s a month marked by birth and life for my family—including the birth of my wife’s mother (Debra), my oldest daughter (Margot), and recently my youngest daughter (Nora).  

April also contains the most difficult day of my life. On April 19th, 2019, my younger sister, Laura Schuetze, committed suicide. 

Laura was an amazing person, driven by doing good wherever she went, and dedicated her life to helping others through social work. Doing good brought her relentless joy.  

Often, we mythologize people in death, however Laura truly was the most caring, considerate, and compassionate person I have ever met. She was a true champion for downtrodden and disenfranchised people. 

Particularly important to Laura were causes of assisting deaf people, women’s rights, gay rights, and the rights of anyone she felt society had marginalized. She cared so deeply for others, but often struggled to care for herself. 

When she died, I found it difficult to move. My only path forward has been to find ways to honor and preserve her legacy, which is why we established the first annual Auben/Benebu “Do Good Day” on April 19th, 2021. 

Every Year Auben/Benebu closes its doors on April 19th and September 17th to give everybody a paid day off to do something good in their community. 

This year, I will be picking up trash in the Harrisburg Community in Augusta, GA starting at 9:30AM in the parking lot behind the building at 1800 Broad St. Later, I will be serving lunch with the Golden Harvest Food Bank, also in Augusta.

If any of you would like to join our mission, feel free to do so by simply doing something good in your community. Please share your efforts with Auben’s Director of Culture and Community, Jullian Butts (jbutts@aubenrealty.com), or tag us at #DoGoodDay.

Every week in this column, I try to share some words that I find inspiring. Several years ago, I found this quote from Henry Ford that I feel represents my sister:

“Do for the world more than the world does for you”

Thank you for tuning in on this one, thank you to those who choose to participate, and, as always, thank you for all that you do as part of the Auben family.


Tyson Schuetze, Founder


If you have thoughts of self-harm, please reach out for help.
is available 24 hour by calling 800-273-8255.

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