Better for everyone.

We believe matching quality residents with a home that best suits their needs will create stable, long term returns.

Early on, we at Auben Realty decided to go the opposite direction of our industry. Rather than operate at the lowest cost, the homes we manage are well maintained, proactively serviced, and promptly repaired. Not because we thought there was an opportunity, but because we thought we could make a difference.

We’ve grown a lot since our founding. We know that our willingness to work has made a huge difference in where we started and where we are today, but it’s our belief in longevity that sets us apart. Our homes are rented longer, our leads are higher quality, and our residents are more satisfied

As it stands, there is no one quite like us in our industry. We’ve evolved into a full service company because we embraced change and challenge. These characteristics, and our founding ideal of making change in our community, have made us special.

How we do it

  • Local market expertise
  • Leveraging the latest technologies for property management
  • In-house maintenance staff
  • Strategic business relationships to reduce expenses
  • Knowledge of the latest landlord-tenant laws
  • 24-hour maintenance call center, responding to emergency maintenance requests
  • Performance tracking and marketing analysis software

“I can’t say enough good things about Auben Realty. They managed a difficult four-plex for me. Since I live out of town, I needed the team to take care of all facets of managing my property. From repairs to billing to renting, Auben Realty did a professional job. Their response time is phenomenal, and they are on top of the details.”

- Jan

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