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Voepel Property Management is now Auben!

Acquisition moves local real estate firm into Top 10 in U.S.
Auben Realty, a full-service real estate investment brokerage based in Augusta, has acquired Voepel Property Management and Canopy Road Real Estate, renowned local experts in investment brokerage and comprehensive property management services based in Kansas City, MO. This strategic combination represents a significant step forward for both companies, combining their strengths to create an even more formidable presence in the real estate market nationwide.

Our motto


Building Better Communities by Investing Responsibly


Through responsible investments, we seek to be the anti-Amazon, ensuring the capital, resources, and materials not only stay in the communities that need them the most, but are redistributed to the people that need them the most.

Auben's Methodology:
4 primary means of investment

At Auben, we believe the opportunity to invest should be open to EVERYONE, regardless of race, class, color, creed, belief, background, education, or gender. We acknowledge that everyone defines investing differently. We seek to provide the opportunity to invest to our employees, owners, and residents by four primary means. We hope you join our mission.

  1. Awareness: Maintaining a mindset of being solution-oriented and team-oriented, we seek a greater awareness and understanding of the issues affecting our communities so we can be a key partner in the solutions.
  2. Education: We seek to be perpetual students and listen-first leaders committed to a lifetime of education and learning.
  3. Resources: We commit to always match, but ideally exceed, the resources, effort and energy pledged to us by our team, clients, and residents by investing the same back into the people and communities we operate in.
  4. Preservation: At our core we are preservationists, seeking to preserve the identity, integrity, and history of the homes and assets we renovate, while we also seek to improve them.

Together, we have a lot of work to do to make our communities better places to live.

Why Choose Auben?

Why Choose Auben?

Why Choose Auben?

We believe that real estate is an investment tool that improves our communities, secures your future, and seeks to give you the best ownership experience possible. From purchasing your first home, building a legacy for your family, or investing in and managing the right rental property for you, we are with you every step of the way.

Auben strives to offer investment property owners and groups a stress-free renovation process. When working with Auben’s Project Management team, investors can be assured that our team will deliver:

While Auben is an investment focused company, we are one of the fastest growing full-service real estate brokerages in the region.

From investment property purchases to commercial real estate sales (Auben PRIME), or even your first home purchase (Auben HOMES), our realtors can guide you through the process of buying or selling your property.

Auben Realty Serving the Southeast Map 2024

Markets We Serve

Markets We Serve

Each year, Auben Realty assists rental property owners with the purchase, renovation, and management of thousands of investment properties regionally throughout the Chattanooga, Tennessee, Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and Augusta, Georgia region. We now also serve the Midwestern US with a hub in Kansas City, Missouri.



Join the auben team

Join the auben team

Auben is currently searching for licensed, insured, and committed skilled tradesmen in the following areas: