Never bring your emotional baggage to the table, this only escalates the current issues and limits your ability to make sound decisions.


Pat Rider

Director of Project Management

After having a long history with multiple Auben employees, Pat decided to join the team! “I value their work ethic, focus and long term vision. I look forward to growing our footprint in multiple markets.” Pat brings a process driven, systematic approach to the Auben Realty Project Management team because he believes that with the right process, we can continue to grow in multiple markets in a controlled, consistent manner that ensures a quality, functional product for our investors.

Pat finds inspiration in his late father. “I have learned from him that work ethic and honesty are key factors in the pursuit of success. My word is the most important thing I can bring to any table.”

Pat has flipped several of his own properties personally and his goal is to put focus on investing moving forward. He believes that staying calm when working with clients, employees and team members is essential. “Emulate a duck on the water, calm on the surface no matter how hard you are paddling under the surface.”