Mason 250

You always say more with your demeanor and body language than with your words when working with people.


Mason Brown

Senior Investor Account Manager

Mason holds a B.S. Corporate Finance, SC Real Estate License and has extensive background experience as both an accountant and financial analyst prior to his change of industry and joining restaurant and retail management. Mason transitioned into real estate and the mortgage industry in 2022 and is now excite to be part of the property management space.

Mason believes that making a team and experience better is crucial and he does so by bringing his background of diverse industries and people management to adapt to serve many different needs promptly and successfully. His professional inspiration is to be in a position where he knows he is making a difference everyday for both his team and his clients.

Best advice Mason says he has ever received?

The “Order of the Three P’s.” People, Process, Profits. You can never be successful without good People and taking care of them (both employees and customers). Processes need to be well known, and always evolving and adapting, this ensures you are taking care of the People. And handling those two things, Profits will follow.