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"Keep the main thing, the main thing."


Aisha Ashley

Investor Account Manager

After receiving my Bachelors from Columbus State University I started my property management career as a leasing agent for Woodruff Property Management company headquartered in Columbus, GA. During my 3 year tenure at Woodruff, I had the opportunity to grow from a leasing agent to an Assistant Property Manager. Following my time in the property management world, I was blessed to share my love of Augusta through my role as the Marketing and Sales Coordinator for the Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau.

I am excited to return to the property management and real estate world. I’m ready to share my love for Augusta and make a difference in the lives of those in my community by offering a higher quality leasing and living experience with Auben Realty.

I aspire to be a successful and well connected realtor. I am also passionate about investing and improving communities of Augusta, GA and am ready to continue gaining experience in real estate investment.