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Auben Realty Group is excited to announce an immediate opening for an experienced director of culture and community. The candidate will be a part of the Auben leadership team and will directly report to the CEO. Candidate will be responsible for communicating the culture and philosophy of Auben. This will be accomplished by executing Auben’s thematic goal of engagement in 3 areas of focus: First internally with our team, Second with the community and Third with the greater opportunities in our industry and our markets.

It will be necessary for the director to innately understand all of the changing and dynamic needs of the organization. Specifically we believe this can be achieved by interacting with multiple department-specific leadership team members to understand departmental needs and then prioritizing them in relation to overall company needs. Directing a team who understands the need to have difficult but necessary conversations, the director will ensure culture is never sacrificed.

Strong organizational and communication skills are required. This is a position that will require an ability to work in an extremely fast-paced environment, take multiple directives, dialogue about prioritization and then self-manage the execution of tasks and activities as well as the activities and tasks of a team the director will hire and assemble. The job will feature the benefit of working with a rapidly growing company who takes its culture and people extremely seriously. The culture can best be described as intensely demanding but strongly supportive as would be expected of a currently regional organization who plans on being national in the next 3-5 years. The ability to balance multiple needs of all our team members in multiple markets will be crucial. The objective for the position is to ultimately ensure all our team members are set up for success the day they come to Auben by creating clearly defined onboarding processes and procedures with multiple check ins and check-ups.

The director will need to embody and understand the 6 company core characteristics listed below. A type A personality who enjoys challenges will thrive in this role.

Areas of focus for this role will include but not be limited to:

  1. Attendance at all leadership meetings, events and activities
  2. Staying current on HR needs internally and HR trends externally
  3. Attend as many networking events as possible to recruit talented team members
  4. Work with directors to determine and execute prioritization of hires
  5. Work with recruiting agencies to fill HR gaps as needed
  6. Work alongside our 3 rd  party HR company ADP to create and maintain a library of all department policies and procedures
  7. Create and maintain a digitally organized library of all brand collateral, materials, and forms
  8. Ensure all employees have a safe environment to express any concerns with the organization, its team members and our policies
  9. Perform consistent and regular check ins and check ups with all team members in the organization
  10. Handle any personal or professional escalations not suitable for department-specific directors
  11. Accompany team members to business meetings (examples: BNI, REIA, NARPM)
  12. Make all necessary efforts to ensure compliance and utilization of basic branding (business cards, headshots e-mail signatures) for all departments
  13. Interface with all strategic partners and 3rd party vendors for all items related to culture and community.
  14. Monitor all Auben digital platforms for correctness and updated accuracy- adding/subtracting employees

Core Characteristics integral to Auben team members are
· Underdog DNA
· Direct and thorough communication
· Always Accountable
· Solution-oriented
· Team-oriented
· Possessing a sense of urgency

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