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Investor Interview with Bob Bonser

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Investing is for all types of people, from many backgrounds and schools of thought. You may find similarities among other investors, or learn something new!

Herewith tips and insight, is Bob Bonser, CRNA & Investor

Q: Who was your first business mentor?  

A: I was that kid selling lemonade in the street, caroling for tips, raking leaves, and mowing lawns. When I was about 10, an old Italian brick mason--who’s entire body looked to be completely composed of leather--said to me “Kid, a lousy business is better than a good job!” His words have stuck with me since.

Q: Who was your first mentor in real estate?  

A:  My first "How-To" guide was conveniently packaged within 32 cassette tapes and a book, about two inches thick. After all, it was the the 1970’s: scams abundant and the get-rich in real estate movement was being born. No money down! Flips! Creative financing! Simple, right?


Q: What is your favorite book? 

A:  I've read the JRR Tolkien Lord of the Rings trilogy at least 4 times.   

Q: What is the best lesson you have learned in real estate? 

A: Silverwood. An inside joke, but I learned you're gonna lose some in order to win some.

Q: How many properties do you own? 

A: Right now, between entities--about 50 properties. 


Q: When did you start investing? 

A: I did my first reno and flip in ‘85 and got crushed!


Q: Why do you Invest?

A: For me investment in real estate is a retirement tool. I am cynical to a fault and believe that everything is a scam 'til proven otherwise. The stock market has proven me right! 

Q: What is the best advice you have received?  

A:  Stay in school.  

Q: Do you have a favorite podcast?  

A:  Joe Rogan. The guy is a trip! And his inquisitive nature rivals that of a five-year old. He'll make you take a step back and grab different perspectives, and analyze your perceptions and biases. 

Q: Any hobbies? 

A: Skiing, scuba diving, cycling, running, triathlons (completing two full and two half), and of course drinking beer. Sadly, life and age have interrupted the tri-training, but I still do a sprint once a year.  I also love music, festivals and jam bands (I'm a loyal Deadhead). 

Q: What is the best advice you could give someone else? 

A: Stay in School!  

Q: Is there a place for you where time slows down?  

A: On/under the water or out on my bicycle. 

Q: If you were a member of a music group, it would be _________?

A: Grateful Dead

Q: I was introduced to Auben ______.

A: This is a loaded question with a very long story! In short, I met Auben at Stillwater in downtown Augusta 11 years ago. I had been shut out of the Hilton by a reservation error, had no place to sleep, and I was competing in the Augusta Ironman that weekend. I met a random guy at the bar, we spoke, had a beer and hung out for a bit. That stranger offered me and a friend lodging in their home. He was truly empathetic of our situation, and showed a true sense of humanity. It turns out this person had a profound effect on my life, and I think he would say the same. I still call this person a dear friend, and one of the most honest, loyal, dedicated and hard working people I know. That person is Tyson Schuetze, owner of Auben.

Q: If you weren't investing in real estate you would be_______.

A:  working till the day I die. A 401k is nothing anymore. The dollar amounts required to maintain a reasonable lifestyle are staggering. Not a lot of people can put together $3-5 million by saving a few bucks each paycheck. You can generate lifelong income and create a family legacy with real estate.  


Q: If you were to start over_______.

A: I would've bought waterfront property in the 1980’s!!!

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