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Auben Realty was founded in Augusta, Georgia in 2008. Since then, founders Tyson Schuetze and Natalie Walls, have expanded the team to include 50 tight-knit employees and have found a niche in investment real estate and rental property management.

For investors by investors

We firmly believe that investing, is core to every function and aspect of Auben. Investing is not just about the financials and real estate; it encompasses all of how we operate. We are committed to investing in ourselves, our team, our clients, our residents and our communities. We are “for investors by investors” because we believe our clients should have that same mindset.

Why Choose Auben?

Our heart is in the right place.

Everyone says they care, but we mean it. Early on, our company decided to serve the end of the spectrum opposite of what everyone suggested. Not because we thought there was an opportunity, but because we thought we could make a difference.

We believe in Hard Work.

We’ve grown a lot since our founding. We know that our willingness to work has made a huge difference in where we started and where we are today.

We are Unique.

There is no one quite like us in our industry. We’ve evolved into a hybrid company because we embraced change and challenge. These characteristics, and our founding ideal of making change in our community, have made us special. We do things differently.

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