Meet The Augusta Team

Tyson Schuetze » Founder of Auben Realty

After working nearly every job in every career field: paralegal, music journalist, US Census Bureau representative, Red Bull marketing member, and record label manager, Tyson eventually discovered he was unemployable.

Luckily, he eventually found his passion for transforming distressed houses into homes.

Along with Natalie Walls, Tyson founded Auben in its first location, Augusta, GA--on the wrong end of real estate bubble. Augusta has been good to him and it is where he met his future wife, Erin. They now have two daughters, and two rescue dogs. Surrounded by an amazing team of talented people, he is inspired daily to keep dreaming big, and improve neighborhoods one house at a time!

When he is not working, he constantly tries (and fails) to catch his wife, Erin, in his new endeavor, running. He is originally from Louisville, KY and has also called Denver, New York and Charleston, SC home.

Natalie Walls » Broker

Natalie Walls

A graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion, Natalie found her passion in real estate after college. She’s been with Auben since the very beginning and has helped lay down the foundation of this organization. In her spare time, you can find her rescuing animals to add to her family of three Siberian Huskies and two bunnies.

She is a licensed real estate broker in GA, SC, and TN.

T: (706) 707-4177 ext. 720
F: (706) 945-1789

Phillip Vera » CEO

Phillip Vera

Phillip Vera is passionate about real estate investing. He loves searching for “the deal,” and the details of rehabbing a property to make it a home. What he loves most is “playing a part in revitalizing neighborhoods and making a positive impact on a city.”

Since joining the team in August of 2017, Phillip has demonstrated himself as a strong leader capable of affecting positive change. In addition to earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia, Phillip holds an MBA from Augusta University. His previous work experience is in commercial real estate and management operations at The Augusta National Golf Club.

Phillip has been eager to assist the Auben team in pushing forward to achieving new goals in real estate. "In the next few years, Auben Realty is looking to become the best and largest property management firm with regards to customer satisfaction and properties managed in the CSRA and Chattanooga,” says Phillip. "Our long-term goal is to continue the transition from a property management firm to a full-service investment brokerage, and expanding this model into becoming a regional leader in the southeast.”

When he isn’t working tirelessly to improve the company and community, he is a devoted husband to Laurie and doting father to their daughter, Annie.

T: 706 305 1551
F: 706 945 1789

Patrick Jasper » Director of Property Management

Patrick Jasper

Patrick was born in Oxnard, CA, but considers himself a native to Augusta. Augusta is home since 2000! He is very active in the community, and is a volunteer with Augusta Pride, a local non-profit organization dedicated to creating and promoting pro-GLBT events in the CSRA. Patrick’s other interests include kayaking, cooking and baking.

T: 706 305 1551 Ext. 707
F: 706 945 1789

Miranda De Gatis » Accounting Assistant

Miranda DeGatis

A North Carolina native, Miranda recently arrived in Augusta via Savannah, Georgia. On her new gig at Auben, “I came from a corporate environment and this has been a breath of fresh air,” says Miranda. “Everyone is a blast to work with!” When she isn’t jamming out to 90’s music, Miranda can be found reading or chasing her two kids. Her favorite literary quote: “All that is gold does not glitter. Not all those who wonder are lost.”

T: (706 ) 305 – 1551 ext. 712
F : (706) 945 – 1789

Chelsea White » Property Manager

Chelsea White

Actually, she’s from the city of Snellville--just outside of Atlanta, but has grown to love the city of Augusta. Chelsea’s favorite hobby is very interesting…“I’ve always felt the need to try as many new experiences as I can. You could almost say it’s a hobby at this point!” You can also count on running into Chelsea at any concert or festivals taking place around town.

T: (706) 707-4177 Ext. 718
F: (706) 945-1789

Allen Rue » Property Inspector

Allen Rue

Originally from Pennsylvania, Allen has lived on both coasts of the United States as well as overseas with the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps allowed him to travel to many different places, and experience many different cultures. Allen enjoys being around friends and playing a good game of any sport. His favorite type of music is hard rock.

T: (706) 707-4177 Ext. 713
F: (706) 945-1789

Jose’ Parraga » Director of Maintenance

Jose' Parraga

Jose’ is originally from Venezuela, but his favorite city in the world is New Orleans. Jose’ loves to swim. He actually used to be on the swim team for the Venezuelan Air Force. If you see Jose’ outside of Auben, you might catch him dancing the Merengue and Salsa to Latin Music.

T: (706) 707-4177
F: (706) 945-1789

Michael Beckham » Project Coordinator

<ichael Beckham

Michael’s interest in real estate started with a book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” He and his wife, both Augusta-raised, have over 10 years experience in real estate investing—including the renovation of two historic properties! When he’s not project coordinating for Team Auben, this family man can be found actively involved in events for the Greater Augusta Arts council, and volunteering at CT Walker Elementary School where his two children are currently enrolled.

T: (706) 305 -1551

Betsey Davis » GA & SC Licensed Realtor

Betsey Davis

A Thomasville, GA native, Betsey attended Saint Andrews Sewanee School in Tennessee. She graduated with a Bachelors of Social Work from Augusta State University. Betsey’s career began in transitional housing for homeless families, but she started investing in real estate over 10 years ago. She briefly left the market to travel, but circled back to real estate when she became licensed in Idaho. She eventually returned to Augusta to be close to family. You can find Betsey playing Rugby with the Augusta Furies. She also enjoys hiking, biking and camping with wife Owen and their two pups, Rosco and Garnet.

T: (706) 707-4177 ext. 715
M: (706)627-4872

Kenneth Mooney » GA Licensed Realtor

Kenneth Mooney

Kenneth was born in Savannah, GA, and raised in Augusta, GA. He attended Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC to play division one tennis, but eventually returned home to attend Augusta State University. Kenneth has been in sales for four years, and has been investing in real estate for two years. In his free time, Kenneth enjoys golfing, playing Augusta’s several disc golf courses...and the occasional tennis match!

T: (706) 707-4177 ext. 717
M: (706) 469-4857

Tyreon Williams » Property Manager

Tyreon Williams

A native of Augusta, Tyreon holds a Communication from Kennesaw State University, which is of no surprise to anyone who knows her; as her family reports, she has been talking since she was born. Her family and friends describe her as a born leader and a smooth talker. With her charming personality, quick wit and open spirit she never meets a stranger.

Tyreon’s professional background includes experience as a Billing Manager, Technical Support Supervisor, Business Analyst, Implementations Specialist and Administrative Assistant.

In her spare time, she enjoys writing, painting, singing and spending time with family and friends

T: (706) 707-4177 ext. 702

Bill Schuetze » Leasing Consultant

Bill Schuetze

Bill is the alter cocker of Auben. He is old but trying hard not to be in the way. Crusty, wizened, a little weather beaten and given to occasional grouchiness, nonetheless the old boy gets up every day, comes to work and connects with people interested in all of the great things that Auben has to offer. Interested in renting one of our fabulous properties? This is the guy to call.

T: (706) 707-4177 ext. 704

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